Participate in the ICCA Registry

All information in the Registry is treated with respect and discretion. It is managed in adherence with the principles of the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

There are two ways to participate. Full registration includes completing at least part 1, and allows ICCAs to be included in global counts.

  1. Register your ICCA in the ICCA Registry database.
    Download and complete the questionnaire and data contributor agreement (see links to download on this page) and return to

  2. Create a Case Study for the ICCA Registry website
    An ICCA case study can be submitted without going through the process of registering, or it can be part of the full registration process of an ICCA. A case study can provide greater visibility to communities who wish to share their experiences on the internet. Please see the 'Explore' page for examples

Links to documents

Note: while we encourage interested communities to participate, we want to ensure the benefits and considerations of participating in the Registry are clearly understood. For further information, please click here.