Participate in the ICCA Registry

You can submit ICCA data in the following ways:

  1. Offline printable questionnaire, in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese
  2. Online Reporting System (only in English)
  3. Mapeo mapping app

If you have chosen to submit your data to both the ICCA Registry and the Protected Planet Initiative, you can submit it to both at the same time.

The checklist highlights the necessary activities to complete, depending on where you want to submit your ICCA data to.

The decision tree supports you during the ICCA data submission process. Additional support with the submission process can be sought from UNEP-WCMC.

The database(s) you submit your ICCA data to depends on the definition(s) it meets. The submission process is very similar regardless of whether you want to submit your data to the ICCA Registry or the Protected Planet Initiative. However, you will need digital location data if you submit your ICCA to the Protected Planet Initiative.

You can submit your ICCA data to one or more of the following:

When you submit your ICCA data to the WDPA or the WD-OECM you are submitting it to the Protected Planet Initiative which is an online platform. The Protected Planet Initiative stores data on protected areas and OECMs. A range of users, including governments, NGOs and communities, use it to track progress towards policy targets, to inform new conservation strategies and to educate.

If you only submit your data as an ICCA you will be submitting it to the ICCA Registry, which comprises an offline database and an online selection of case studies. The ICCA Registry is specifically for ICCAs, collating and showcasing the efforts of indigenous peoples and local communities to conserve their ICCAs across the world.

It is up to the you as ICCA custodians whether you want to submit your ICCA as a protected area or an OECM. If you are submitting data on behalf of ICCA custodians, please discuss the definitions with them, or email for more support.

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Note: while we encourage interested communities to participate, we want to ensure the benefits and considerations of participating in the Registry are clearly understood. For further information, please click here.