Mapeo mapping app for ICCAs coming soon!

Mapeo is an existing app developed by Digital Democracy, designed to support indigenous peoples and communities in documenting, monitoring and mapping many types of information. Mapeo includes a specific section on the ICCA Registry and the Protected Planet Initiative, called 'Mapeo for ICCAs' that is still under development.

This section of the app will enable you to provide information on your ICCA to UNEP-WCMC, in the same way they would by filling in the questionnaire (though the number of questions is reduced in the app). The key advantage of Mapeo is that it allows you to create a digital boundary (polygon) of your ICCA. The app can be used offline, but an internet connection will be required when you are ready to send your ICCA information to UNEP-WCMC.

There are two versions of Mapeo, a mobile version and a desktop version, designed to be used in two phases:

1. The mobile app is used to map out points around the ICCA’s boundary (by travelling around the edge of the ICCA and recording locations in the app).

2. The desktop app is used to create the digital boundary by linking up the points collected using the mobile app. This can be done in a participatory way, providing an opportunity for the community to collectively agree on the correct boundary. The desktop app is also used to provide details about the ICCA, such as its name and governance type.

No ICCA information is transferred to UNEP-WCMC until you decide to do so. Information should be transferred following a process of free, prior and informed consent.

The mobile version of the app is currently available for android phones, and can be downloaded from the Google Play store by searching ‘Mapeo for ICCAs’

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