Mapeo for ICCAs: A mapping app

The ‘Mapeo for ICCAs’ mapping app has been developed specifically to support ICCA custodians to map the boundaries of their ICCAs.

A collaborative effort between Digital Democracy, UNEP-WCMC and Forest Peoples Programme, the app has been designed with and for communities, and includes the functionality for submitting information to the ICCA Registry and the Protected Planet Initiative databases

The key advantage of using Mapeo for ICCAs is that it enables ICCA custodians to create a digital boundary (polygon) of the ICCA using a mobile phone. Drawing a digital boundary for an ICCA can be done offline, and in a participatory way with multiple people working together to collectively agree on the correct boundary.

ICCA custodians maintain ownership and control over their data. The app does, however, provide a voluntary mechanism for the ICCA custodians to submit their data to the ICCA Registry and the Protected Planet Initiative databases via the app. The app streamlines the process of data submission and supports ICCA custodians to share their data with UNEP-WCMC once they have followed a self-determined process of free, prior and informed consent.

ICCA information only shared if the ICCA custodians choose to do so. The app can be used offline, but an internet connection is required if sending the ICCA information to UNEP-WCMC.

There are two parts to the “Mapeo for ICCAs” application: a mobile application and a desktop application, which can be used together or individually and information can be synchronized between the mobile and desktop applications:

Mapeo for ICCAs mobile

This is used to map out points along the ICCA’s boundary using the mobile phone’s GPS. Points collected on the mobile app will need to be synced to the desktop app in order to submit data to UNEP-WCMC

Mapeo for ICCAs desktop

This is used to create the digital boundary on a desktop computer, by linking up the points collected using the mobile app. The desktop app is also used to provide details about the ICCA, such as its name and how it is governed.

The Mapeo for ICCAs app is currently available in English, French and Spanish.

We will be translating it into more languages in future so that the app can better support the mapping and documentation of ICCAs worldwide. We use an open access software to translate our app, which means that ICCA custodians and their supporting organisations can contribute to translating Mapeo for ICCAs into new languages. If interested, get in touch with us at

Below are some useful resources that we have created to support users of Mapeo for ICCAs, including our step-by-step guidance, download links and some demonstration videos.

Step-by-step guidance

We have created a step-by-step guidance that outlines how to download the app, how to use it and how to submit the information to UNEP-WCMC (see bottom of page). The step-by-step guidance is available in English, French and Spanish.

Mapeo for ICCAs demonstration videos

We have created some short demonstration videos to guide users through using the app, available in English, French and Spanish.


Download links:

There are separate download links for the mobile and desktop apps provided below. It is important to keep the apps up-to-date. Downloading new app versions will automatically replace existing versions. Any data already collected with a previous version of the app will be retained.


The mobile version of Mapeo for ICCAs is currently only available for android phones.

The mobile app should be downloaded from the Google Play Store by searching for “Mapeo for ICCAs” or directly using this link:

If needed, this app can be shared with those who do not have internet via Bluetooth. For those who do not have access to the Google Play Store, and are unable to receive the app via Bluetooth, it can be downloaded from something called the APK

Please see our step-by-step user guide below for more information on downloading via the APK, and the caveats associated with it.


For the desktop app, there are separate download links depending on which operating system the desktop computer has:

Go to: (Mapeo for ICCAs Desktop Windows 32-bit).

Alternatively, if you are sure that your Windows is 64-bit, you can use this link instead to get higher performance:

Go to:

Go to:

If you are encountering problems, or have questions related to Mapeo for ICCAs, please see the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section within the step-by-step guidance. If the question is still unanswered, please get in touch with our team at

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