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The ICCA Registry website is an online information platform for territories and areas conserved by Indigenous Peoples and local communities, where communities themselves provide data, case studies, maps, photos and stories which result in useful statistics and analysis on featured ICCAs around the world.

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Deluin soum: The Deluin soum (district) is located in the desert-steppe zone of High Altai Mountain in Mongolia, 150km away from the aimak (province) and 1860 km away from Ulaanbaatar city. It shares borders with Tolbo soum to the north and with Khovd and Duut soums of Khovd aimak, and Bulgan soum to the northeast, east, and southwest, respectively. It also borders the Republic of China to the northwest. The soum spans 112 km from north to south and 75 km from west to east.

Karatau Herder's community Mongolia

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ICCA Data Manual

A new manual (version 2) was released in 2020 to support communities, indigenous peoples and those who work with them to register their ICCAs. This manual is intended to guide readers through the process of deciding whether to submit ICCA data, how to submit it, and where to submit it to. It now includes information on other effective area-based conservation measures (OECMs).

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The ICCA Registry has a number of key funders and partners working at the local to international level, simultaneously seeking to provide support and recognition to ICCAs.