Important updates to the ICCA Registry website

The ICCA Registry website now includes a series of new and improved features, including an interactive world map showing the reported ICCAs – territories of life, a summary of the data in the ICCA Registry database and (for the first time!) the option to download the ICCA Registry database.

The ICCA information in the ICCA Registry is self-reported by the Indigenous Peoples and local communities who care for them, helping to increase awareness of, and direct support and action for, ICCAs based on the custodian communities self-determined priorities. As of January 2024, 310 custodian communities have reported information on their ICCAs to the ICCA Registry database. The ICCA Registry therefore plays an important role in amplifying the voices of ICCA custodians who provide information. The new and improved features on the ICCA Registry and publication of the ICCA Registry database increase accessibility of data on ICCAs and mark a significant milestone in the commitment to improve global awareness of ICCAs - territories of life.